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The End of the Roman Empire

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What were at least 3 important factors that contributed to the end of the Roman Republic? What did the Republic's government structure contribute to later nations? What were the benefits of the Republican form of government?

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The decline and fall of the Roman Republic was more than a single man or event. It was a culmination of several individual actions or achievements, coupled with social conditions that weighed heavily on Roman society. Additionally, massive and rapid expansion from Rome's foundation as a fledgling city 700 years earlier until the mid 1st century BC, created monumental holes in the political and governing ability of the Senate. Periods of stability were mixed in with those of near collapse while powerful generals or inciters of the Roman mob jockeyed for position.

Beginning with the Punic Wars and Roman conquest outside of Italy, followed by massive importation of slaves, the face of Roman life was changing far more rapidly than the governing body could deal with. Political infighting was and always would be a common trait in any system, but the social instability that resulted from inequities in the class system gave way to ...

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The solution discusses the end/fall of the Roman Empire and the causes behind it. Roman contribution to the structure of government of later nations is also discussed as well as the benefits of the Republican form of government.