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    Influence of Ancient China

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    How did ancient China influence the societies and cultures of select countries of the region?

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    Ancient Chinese Legacy

    Ancient China encompasses almost 11,000 years of history and within this time period the events in the Middle Kingdom affect its neighbours and the peoples that its traders and seafarers have come to trade with. Closest there are the ancient kingdom of Mongolia, Ancient China's bitter enemy who were able to overcome one of the dynasties to allow the Mongolians to control China for a time under the power of Genghis & Kublai Khan. The nearby princedoms & small kingdoms of the Korean peninsula and the Japanese Empire were all directly trading, were influenced or were affected by Ancient Chinese interests. In the south the Yunnanese vassals of Chinese dynasties spread influence all the way down the Mekong Delta extending Chinese trading and political power to ancient Siam (Thailand), Lanna (Laos), Khmer (Cambodia) & Chang (Vietnam). Chinese seafarers using the monsoon winds also reached the islands of Formosa (now Taiwan) and Luzon (the Philippines), trading porcelain and silk for native produce. A Chinese settler seafarer called 'Lam-Ang' is still the stuff of legends informing ancient Filipino folklore. The Silk route to China from Europe crossed the Middle East, India and Central Asia, while this route brought goods in and out of China; it also brought tales and philosophy. Ancient ...

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    The solution is a 782-word essay that discusses the influence of ancient China in selected cultures and societies in the Asia-Pacific region from Philosophy to cuisine and religion. Included in the discussion is it's influence to the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. References are listed for expansion, a word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.