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    The Civil War

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    How does the Civil War define Americans? Give information of one major battefield of the Civil War, include quotes, numbers of dead and wounded, and the significance of the battle.

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    It is my opinion that, regardless of what side of the war they were from, the Civil War was about Americans fighting for what they believed in. So it defines Americans as standing up for what they thought was right. For example, the Southern States favored slavery and in fact found absolutely nothing wrong with it. They even claimed that God stated in the Bible that is was alright for a human being to own another human being. When the Northern States opposed the institution of slavery, they took offense and stood up for what they believed in. In fact, many Southerners felt like the Colonists when they stood up to Great Britain before the American Revolution. Therefore slavery, although not the sole cause of the war, played a major part in it. Slavery was a battle between two sides of the war fighting for what they believed in.

    The Southern States were also opposed to the high taxes that the Northern States were placing on goods and believed that this was being done to them in punishment for slavery. They were also against the high tariff that was placed on European goods which forced them to buy Northern goods instead. So part of what they went to war was to fight against these unfair taxes and for the freedom to buy the goods that they need from their choice of suppliers.

    Southern States also strongly believed in individual states rights (meaning that states should have the right to govern themselves ...

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