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Variables in Assessing Strength and Conditioning Needs

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The body of knowledge currently available in strength and conditioning has increased the sophistication of training remarkably since the days of basic calisthenics. Today's strength and conditioning coach interacts more with the athlete's head coach, positional coach, sport psychologist, exercise physiologist, the team physician, and physical therapist. This myriad of expertise is blended together to make a highly specialized athlete, one that flourishes in sport competition.

The one common theme that allows this mix of specialties to blend so well in their development of a complete, specialized athlete is that each profession places a strong importance on assessment. An understanding of the demands of the sport/position allows for this high degree of specification and sophistication.

Discuss the methods and variables used for assessing an athlete's strength and conditioning needs. Be specific and provide examples.

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This solution discusses how to assess an athlete's strength and conditioning needs. It is specific and provides examples.

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Assessing an athlete's strength and conditioning needs is key to making progress in training. Methods that are used include determining the muscles used predominantly in the sport and determining these muscle's strength and flexibility in a particular athlete. For a sprinter, one would look at both lower and upper body strength by measuring ability to lift/push weight, the amount, and the muscles used. One would also look at range of motion to determine flexibility. The focus would be on evaluating the muscles ...

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