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treat oneself as well as others are treated as a philosophy

You are a healthcare professional who provides care directly to low income patients. You feel very confident that the medical care you provide is extremely important to your patients and to the U.S. healthcare system but you also know that there are many kinds of care and care providers. You like to think of yourself as open-minded about other providers of care, particularly because there are many kinds of patients and different people need different kinds of care and treatment. You read a back issue of O Magazine (August 2004, to be precise), and come across the following quote from Oprah: â??Getting my lifelong weight struggle under control has come from a process of treating myself as well as I treat others in every way.â?

If many other people were to take Oprahâ??s perspective, would that be a good thing or a bad thing for our healthcare system? Whatâ??s the reality?

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Using Oprah's perspective, treating oneself as well as others are treated is a philosophy than encompasses taking charge of one's own health, or taking responsibility. While this can be challenging, with demands of employers and family, it can have a very positive impact on our health care system. It can alleviate many of the costs associated with illnesses or disorders caused by obesity and being overweight. It can also help utilize mental health services more effectively.

By treating one's self as ...

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Using Oprah's perspective, this job encompasses what it means to treat oneself as well as others are treated as a philosophy.