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    technology advisory committee

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    For this case assignment, you will be assuming the role of a lead person on a technology advisory committee at a large regional medical center.

    The medical center has struggled with ongoing problems related errors surrounding patient medication, misplaced lab results and delays in updating patient charts. Physicians complain that they must often make their rounds with incomplete or delayed patient information. At the same time, the nursing staff has expressed concerned with incomplete or incorrect orders from physicians and that lab and radiology orders are difficult to track. Nurses also complain that nursing assistants make frequent errors in properly recording patient vitals. To make matters worse, the administration is deeply concerned about an increase in the number of critical incidences related to incorrectly medicated patients.

    The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is confident that many of the problems could be alleviated if healthcare professionals were better able to access and leverage information systems anytime, anywhere, and preferably nearest to the point of patient care. Accordingly, the CTO has tasked you and the advisory committee with drafting a two (full) page high-level overview outlining what relevant technology solutions are available, along with recommendations of how they should be used to correct the ongoing problems, increase efficiencies and improve the overall quality of patient care. The CTO also advises that the committees report will be presented to the board of directors, so she recommends that the overview and recommendations be supported with case examples from other healthcare institutions.

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    Healthcare Information Service Solutions

    The current medical information documentation and order processing procedures of the medical center have led to an increased and unacceptable number of critical incidences directly related to incorrect medication orders and distribution. In addition, patient records are frequently incomplete upon physicians performing rounds, several ancillary service reports, such as lab and x-ray, are not present in the patient charts and the nursing staff is burdened by incomplete physician orders and general order tracking. Due to these issues, among others, the Technology Advisory Board has been tasked create this report on the technology available to the medical center to better facilitate the medical staff in their daily performance of quality medical care.

    Technology is currently available to address the issues of order placement, complete documentation of patient records, imaging and lab acquisition and tracking and charge capture. These applications offer solutions to the medical center that must be implemented to achieve the level of care we desire to provide. Many of these technologies "piggy-back" upon each other and require a comprehensive strategic plan for proper implementation. The technological solutions discussed with in this report are: Wireless Access (Wi-Fi), Point of Care (POC) applications, Electronic Prescriptions (E-Scripts), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Hospital Information Systems (HIS) and Picture Archive and Communications Systems (PACS).

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    A technology advisory committee role play is formulated.
    For this case assignment, you will be assuming the role of a lead person on a technology advisory committee at a large regional medical center.