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Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery Help

I am participating in a school technology project this year, with my topic being cosmetic surgery. One of my sources in my works cited must be an interview. I was wondering if you could provide me with some key information that I could possibly cite in my research paper. (If possible, could you please record your name so that I may cite it in my paper as well?)

First, when was plastic surgery (in general) first used, and was it used for different purposes back then than it is today?

Next, how long has liposuction been practiced?

Also, how is liposuction different than other types of plastic surgery practiced today? What is special about it?

What is the difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery?

Finally and most importantly are these two questions:

How do you think that plastic surgery and liposuction have changed our society?

Do you think having such technologies has improved society? Why or why not?

How do you think plastic surgery and liposuction will change in the future?

Thank you for your cooperation.

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My name is Dr. Claes-Gustaf Nordquist, M.D. I'm a Swedish medical doctor, however I'm not a plastic surgeon. I'm a cancer specialist - medical oncologist & radiation therapist, have also been active in radiation protection - now retired. I have been a military physician and a police surgeon & medical examiner too. I think though that I'm qualified to answer these questions.

Plastic surgery goes very far back in history. In India it dates back maybe 3000 years or more. In those times there for some crimes the punishment was to cut off the nose. These early Indian surgeons developed a surgical method of restoring the nose by swinging down a cut out skin flap from the forehead over the position of the nose to the area of the nose and remodelling the nose using this flap. It created a ...