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    Barriers to Quality Measure Implementation for Prevention of Wrong-Site Surgeries

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    Using at least one reference, please explain what barriers may interefere with implementing or revising the following quality measures in prevention of wrong site surgery. The following are suggested reasons of wrong site surgery: lack of communication, failure to follow the guidelines established by the hospital to ensure patient safety, the surgeon's belief that his or her training supercedes recommended guidelines for conducting the surgery. How could an organization over come those barriers?

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    Wrong site surgery is rare (about 1 in 110 000), and severe injury due to wrong site surgery is even more rare. However, wrong site surgery should still never occur. It is preventable.

    There are several protocols and policies that may help reduce the number of wrong site surgeries. Currently, many hospitals mandate that 2-4 individuals check the site of surgery on 12 different occasions. Some hospitals also mandate marking the location of surgery, either in all cases or in surgeries on non-midline structures (eg. would be required for surgery on an arm or one lung, but ...

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    The barriers to quality measure implementation for prevention of wrong site surgeries are determined.