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    Critical Thinking, Personal Barriers

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    What are some personal barriers to solving problems? (Think about two myths: the myth of perfection and the myth of genius.) Give an example of a problem because of personal barrier.

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    Barriers to Critical Thinking

    Critical thinking is important as it allows us to effectively analyses all the details of a situation or a problem so that we can make the most informed choice. But sometimes, we fall prey to certain patterns of thought that are unique to our personalities, experience and character that make it impossible for us to even notice that we are hitting a barrier preventing us from thinking critically. The most common ones are as follows:

    1. Confirmation bias - sometimes we see only the evidence and things that can fit nicely into our views and beliefs and we tend to ignore evidence that goes against it. Social conditioning - we all view the world from a particular culture and this is both good and bad. However, sometimes we are so rooted in our cultural view that it becomes a barrier to completely understanding others because we can refuse right away to even consider that our cultural viewpoint might be wrong.
    2. Arrogance and intolerance - sometimes people think too much of themselves and are just intolerant of the views of others that they cannot think straight in a particular situation. Being consumed by these 2 characteristics ...

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