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Health care coverage options

If an individual is layed off from work, what are their options for health care coverage and why? I need to know where to find scholarly citations for this topic also.

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If an employee has employer-based health insurance, he/she would be eligible for COBRA. Here is a link to the COBRA website which gives a more thorough explanation http://www.cobrainsurance.com/.

If you aren't already familiar, COBRA stands for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. The provision is to allow individuals who lose their employer-based health insurance (either by lay-off, voluntary or involuntary termination) to pay the full premium of the health insurance for a period of time (12-18 months) to allow them time to find other insurance. Historically, employers had to pay for 70-75% of an employee's ...

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This solution discusses health care options for those who are layed off from work. It also suggests some search strings for finding additional information.