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symptoms and treatment of the MRSA in the USA

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Use the Internet to collect information about the symptoms and treatment of the MRSA in the USA

Using books, journals, Web sites,

Use the data collection template to gather information about typical symptoms (nonspecific to any patient), mode of transmission, causes, contributing factors, age or gender or behaviors that can put individuals at risk, recent cases of outbreak, factors leading to recent outbreak, treatment, and preventive measures.

Report discussing your findings please let me know what web site you use so i can go back if i need to .

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The symptoms and treatment of the MRSA in the United States is determined.

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Attached you will find a response to your questions. Please use the references to further your research.

Name of the disease: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)
Etiological agent: Staph bacteria that is resistant to beta-lactams.
According to the Active Bacterial Core surveillance (ABCs), cases of MRSA have three categories hospital-onset (HO), healthcare-associated community-onset (HACO), central vascular catheter (CVC), and community-associated (CA). The fourth category is used if the disease does not fall into the stated three.

Symptoms: Skin infections appear as painful pustules or boils that have pus or other drainage. The sites of infection most commonly occur where visible skin cuts, spider bites, and abrasions are. They also appear on areas covered by hair. In addition, severe infections may occur after surgery at surgical site, in the bloodstream, and if a patient has pneumonia (CDC, 2012).
Mode of transmission: CAs may occur among school children and athletes who developed an ...

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