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    Pertussis in the vulnerable populaion of infants and children.

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    Answer the following questions about Pertussis in the vulnerable populaion of infants and children.

    1. Identify how characteristics of pertussis in relation to infants and children influence population vulnerability.

    2. Identify culutural considerations that that needs to be considered in this population (infant and children) and how these considerations impact health status

    3. Identify ethical and legal considerations that must be accounted for when working with infant and children

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    Firstly, let's identify the characteristics of the disease itself. Pertussis is also known as the whooping cough. It is a highly contagious bacterial infection, and in children/infants gives an infamously agonizing coughing fit that produces a whooping sound.

    1) Characteristics of pertussis influencing population vulnerability

    Consider the fact that pertussis is ultimately a bacterial infection. What makes populations more vulnerable to bacterial infections in general? What about pertussis specifically?

    Some background information: generally, infections spread very easily in a more dense population/environment than when they exist in loosely populated regions. This was a huge concern for SARS when it first hit China/Hong Kong - some of the most dense populations in the world.

    Children and infants have slightly ...

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    Pertussis in the vulnerable populations of infants and children are examined.