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    Cultural views and health

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    How do cultural views or customs influence the six dimensions of health?

    Please answer in about 300 words.
    Reference the text if possible--
    Insel, P. and Roth, W. (2008). Core Concepts in Health. 10th ed. Boston, McGraw-Hill

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    The six dimensions of health are physical health, social health, mental health, emotional health, spiritual health and environmental health. There are several ways in which cultural views influence these six dimensions. Ethnic groups may vary in their traditonal diets; their family and intrapersonal relationships; what they believe about tobacco, alcohol and other drugs as well as their general health beliefs and practices. For example, African Americans are more likely to report that they eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily than people from other cultural groups. American Indians report high rates of smoking and increased rates of cancer and heart disease. Cultural background may also be a source of protection. For example poverty is generally associated with increased rates of depression but some ethnic groups have lower rates of depression at a given level of income and seem to have coping strategies that enable greater resilience.

    Cultural groups vary in determining when it is appropriate to seek medical care and in determining the forms of treatment available to them for a specific conditon they may have. If people of certain cultural groups are diagnosed with a ...

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