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Reflection on Risk and Quality Managment in Healthcare

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What are your strengths and weaknesses in your ability to incorporate the principles below? What other information might you need to increase your effectiveness? Please provide at least two paragraphs.

List at least three methods of event investigation and describe one investigation
Define root cause analysis
Identify at least four regulatory agencies that mandate reports of adverse events
Identify risks of reporting (or not reporting) adverse events to regulatory agencies.
Discuss the significance of organizational culture
Identify communication process within different management and leadership styles when
reporting a patient safety event
Define the concept of "Buy-in."
Identify the positive aspects of recruitment and retention strategies.
What are the emotional effects of medical error on patients, families, and providers.
Identify at least 3 programs that provide support services
Identify benefits and risks of using technology informatics to prevent errors.
Discuss decision support systems
Discuss the significance of disclosure and apology

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The reflection on risk and quality management in healthcare are discussed.

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My primary strengths in being able to incorporate these principles is the fact that I have a thorough working knowledge of each of these principles as well as an understanding of how to apply these principles in the most effective and efficient manner possible for the completion of my healthcare related responsibilities and duties. Another strength in being able to incorporate these principles is that I have an understanding of what areas within the healthcare paradigm that each of these principles is most closely related and interdependent with, which exponentially increases my ability to incorporate and utilize these ...

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