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    Profile of a hypothetical smoking patient.

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    For a hypothetical smoking patient create a socioeconomic profile of your choice. What is the level of this patient's income, education, and work experience? How might these factors influence his/her ability to access the necessary healthcare, become engaged in self-care practices, such as modifying diet and exercise, and understand the nature of the illness, treatment, and prognosis.

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    The patient is a highly educated and driven professional. In fact, he works in health care and is aware of the risk factors that smoking present. This man makes $100,000 annually and the smoking habit does not too heavily impact his financial bottom-line. He has worked even in the pulmonary care aspect of medicine and is well-aware of the physiological details that smoking involves. He has the ability to access care but his work schedule and patient demands make it very difficult ...

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    Demographics and a socioeconomic profile of a hypothetical smoking patient is discussed.