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Competition in Health Care Industries

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Healthcare has become an increasingly competitive market. Is competition good or bad for the healthcare industry?

How has this competition impacted the delivery of healthcare to the patient? Please give examples.

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The argument, as always, can go both ways. So what I will do is give you some general starter points for both sides of the argument that you can build up on for your work.

In theory, competition sparks innovative means to improve the service/product in order to make a provider more attractive to consumers, thus attracting more business. As a result, a competitive market would mean that each organization/provider keeps coming up with better and better ways to deliver more or better quality health care.

An example of this ...

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A brief discussion on the effects of competition in the health care industry. An example is given as to how competition can drive beneficial effects in health care, as well as some issues with competition that may ultimately be detrimental to the health care system.

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