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Calcium's importance to long distance runners

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Please discuss the following questions:

Why is calcium important to my long distance runner (Cross Country runner) nutritional status and athletic performance? Then, provide the following information:
Functions for general health
Deficiency/toxicity symptoms
Any risks associated with nutrient loading (high intakes of this mineral)
Food sources
Importance to my Long distance runner,(Cross Country Runner) athletic overall health and athletic abilities

Please give reference.

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Why is calcium important to a long distance runner nutritional status and athletic performance?

Long distance runners such as marathon runners must ensure that they maintain proper calcium intake becomes because of the fact that runners' typically have low body-fat, which coupled with vigorous training produces excessive strain on a runners' body, and makes the runner more susceptible to stress fractures. Therefore, it's imperative for calcium to be incorporated into a runner's diet to achieve optimal performance as calcium obtained naturally, and to a lesser extent through calcium supplements ...

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350+ words explains the important functions of calcium to athletes and how deficiencies can hurt their performance and health. Reference included.