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    Affects of prescription or OTC drugs on the body

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    I am having difficulty with these 4 questions:

    1) Have you ever encountered a situation in which you experienced (or had another person experience) a drug (OTC or prescription), herbal, or supplement-nutrient interaction? If so, explain what it was. If you have not, research a common interaction and explain it. Your explanation should include what drugs, herbs, or supplements and nutrient(s) are involved as well as the possible result of the interaction. Note that you are not to report on the side effects of a drug, herb or supplement, but rather how these might interact with a nutrient (in foods or in supplemental form) and result in a negative effect.
    2) When you looked for information on the interaction where did you look? How were your questions or concerns addressed?
    3) Where, in your experience, does the public turn to for information on drugs, herbs, or supplements? Are these sources usually reputable? How would you determine if a source, whether a person or an article or other, is reputable?
    4) Do you think healthcare professionals have met the challenge of helping people find suitable nutritional supplements? Why or why not? How might socioeconomic status come into play when choosing between or within prescription medications or OTC medications/supplements/herbs? If someone needed to determine if nutrient status was being compromised as a result of an interaction, what tests could be done?

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    Hello! What great questions. Let's tackle them one by one..

    1. This question is asking you to explain possible interactions a person could have with a drug. This is different from a side effect of the drug. A side effect of a drug is the effects you get from a drug when you take it (This is usually normal). Think of a pharmaceutical commercial (Viagra, Ambien, Lunesta) and the part that they start listing all the side effects super fast on the screen (may cause, drowsiness, irritability, sick ...

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    The questions asked are related to OTC or prescription drugs and the interaction that occurs with the human body. This does not ask about the side effects of these drugs, rather, the adverse (bad) reaction a drug could have on the body (this is not a normal affect of the drug, usually).