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    Fire Safety

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    On fire as a safety hazard and leading to pollution:

    1. What information do you need to know about the above two issues when doing research?
    2. What types of research would be most useful between descriptive, explanatory, predictive and prescriptive when you are considering the above two issues? It can be more than one.
    3. What databases are the most helpful when researching these two issues?

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    1.What information do you need to know about the above two issues when doing research?

    In doing research in fire safety and fire hazard, the two main issues that are important are the rate of an increase in flame length and the increase in heat release. The production of carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases should also be noticed here. A large fire can be simulated in a tunnel and studied for the understanding of flame propagation and toxic gas release. A simulated model that contain a full-scale ventilated tunnel that measured temperature profiles are correctly reproduced in the model. The model can be used to investigate the characteristics of tunnel fire in three key areas: the length of backlayering, the flame length, and the effects of an object within a tunnel. (1) The model predict that an "increase of the heat generation rate enhances the length of the flame and the growth of the ventilation velocity will shortens the flame length. (1) The effects of blockage of the fire in the tunnel and how it relate ...

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    Fire can lead to significant damage to areas in a short amount of time and the toxic products and heat released from the fires posed more dangerous than the fire flame itself. Fire safety is illustrated in 657 words plus references.