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    Scope of Pracrice-Nursing and Medical secretary

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    You work for the local hospital, and a new receptionist has just been hired in the reception area of the emergency department. She has been inquiring about what types of health care workers will add documentation to a patientâ??s medical record and what their scope of practice is that will provide a focus for charting.

    Do a Web search using the phrase scope of practice. Based on your findings, describe the meaning of the phrase scope of practice for the new receptionist. Select a health care professional that the receptionist might encounter in the emergency room, and provide examples of that person's scope of practice and the types of documentation in a medical record. Discuss licensing limitations for his or her practice so the new receptionist has a better grasp on what goes on within the hospital.

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    The solution is comprised of information on the scope of practice in nursing and as a meduical secretary. As a secretary in the medical field it's pertinent to know why nurses need to note in the chart and what information they are noting.