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    Nursing Theory

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    Please discuss the following in relation to nursing as a profession:

    Describe your principal belief about the concept of "person"
    Evaluate how a "person" and the "environment" interact to impact one's state of "health"
    Within this framework, explain the fundamental reason for the existence of nursing.

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    Describe your principal belief about the concept of "person."

    Generally speaking, a "person" is a legal term denoting a body without a mind. This used to be common knowledge, but has somehow slipped from most everyone's conscience. In other words, your body is your person. You are not a person; your body is a person. There is a difference, a "vital" difference, if you get my drift. (If you don't get my drift, look up the root meaning of the word "vital.")

    Men and women have persons, but men and women are much more than just a person. Interestingly, in law, your person is your property. This clearly shows that you are not the same as your person. Think of the word "persona" when you think of "person" for that's a pretty good concept to help you understand what a "person" really amounts to.

    Now, if we're talking about people and not persons, then my principal belief about a man (whether female or male) is that he is a living, breathing ...