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Analysis of a 13 year old's behavior

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Ms. Greer has been very concerned about her 13 year old daughter, Cindy. According to Ms. Greer she has been acting strange lately. She has been staying in her room after school saying that she needs a nap. Ms. Greer also states that Cindy was sent home early from school last week because she was dancing on the lunch table. Ms. Greer is taking Cindy to her pediatrician and is very concerned.

Reviewing possible mental, genetic and childhood disease, what do you think are some possible diagnoses for Cindy and why?

How can she be treated?

What can Ms. Greer do to help with her daughter's condition?

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Based on the above information, some possible diagnoses for Cindy may be attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, manic depression, juvenile depression or juvenile diabetes.

Some symptoms of ADD/ADHD may be impulsivity. Ms. Greer said that Cindy was sent home due to dancing on the table. This may have been an impulsive and one-time act on Cindy's part but should similar acts continue Ms. Greer may wish to have her daughter tested for both disorders. Cindy was dancing on the lunch table in the cafeteria, most likely during the time when students were expected to eat their lunch sitting in their seats. Students who display symptoms of ADD /ADHD may display increased hyperactivity symptoms. Two of the hyperactivity symptoms in children who may have either disorder may be evidence of him/her leaving his/her seats in situations where sitting quietly is expected and that the child climbs inappropriately.

Children with manic depression often experience manic episodes: periods of extreme elation or intense agitation combined combined with high levels of energy. These periods of excitement can make bipolar children appear hyperactive, easily distracted and impulsive. When Cindy was dancing on the table it may likely have ...

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