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    How to Evaluate the CEO

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    Distinguish and assess if the CEO should be evaluated on the vision, the mission, or the annual profitability? Propose additional areas of evaluation. Formulate the components of a business plan and how the process of a business plan comes together.

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    The Chief Executive Officer ("CEO") is a key player in the operation of the health center. The CEO main jobs are to carry out the policies of the Board of Directors and advances the mission of the health center. The CEO leads the organization in carrying out the Board Policy. The CEO also oversees the clinical, fiscal, and operation management of the health center and the success of the health center depends on the CEO oversight. The CEO also leads the development of the annual operating plan and must develop good and strong relationships with the Board, the health center staff, and the community. The CEO must be evaluated by the Board to assess the CEO performance. The CEO must be evaluated because of compliance related and practical reasons. According to the "Bureu of Primary Health Care ("BPHC") in Policy Information Notice ("PIN") , the performance of the CEO must be evaluated so that the CEO can be held accountable for the performance in the health center. Because the CEO is " the primary connection between ...

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    The CEO performance must be evaluated annually to ensure the success of the health center. This 656 word solution, complete with reference, outlines the ways in which one can effectively evaluate their CEO's performance.