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    First aid: hypothermia

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    After several days of bitterly cold weather, you wonder how your elderly neighbor is coping with the cold, so you stop by his house. You have to ring the door several times before he answers, and when you step inside, it feels very cold inside the house. You ask why it is so cold, and he mumbles that with rising fuel prices, he can't afford to turn the thermostat any higher. You follow him into the living room, where he stumbles before sitting on the sofa. You notice that he is shivering. You ask if you can get him a blanket and he is slow to respond and his words are slurred. Is he experiencing a problem? What should you do?

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    My neighbor is experiencing a problem! It appears, based on signals described, he may be suffering from hypothermia. The signals of hypothermia include: shivering, numbness, glassy stare, apathy or decreasing level of consciousness, weakness and impaired judgment. My neighbor is shivering, is weak (he is ...

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    This solution discusses first aid procedure for hypothermia.