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Weaknesses and Challenges of Voluntary Health Insurance

The Ministry of Public Health of a middle-income country is planning to facilitate voluntary health insurance as a means of financing the scale-up of primary care services. Explain the weaknesses and challenges of such a financing mechanism. Describe strategies you would recommend to overcome the weaknesses and challenges you identified.

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One of the primary weaknesses of a plan of this nature is the fact that in order for this plan to have a reasonable chance of succeeding, there would have to be a vast majority of the individuals within a given country employed. In addition to being employed, these individuals would have to make high enough wages that they would have spendable income by which they could utilize in order to purchase the health insurance that is offered by the employers. In addition to being able to purchase the insurance that is offered by their employers, individuals would need to have enough income in order to purchase additional supplemental healthcare packages and or coverage in order for there to be enough money to finance this mechanism effectively. In order to have a good probability of overcoming this weakness, the ministry of public health would need to consult with the Department of Labor, as well as the President of this ...