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Subsidization of Health care

If loans, emergency financial assistant, and even on-going subsidization are provided in other industries, then why not make these available to hospitals? Ideas are generated to validate.

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I have long experience of medical care, both as a medical doctor and as a patient. As a physician-surgeon I have worked both in university hospitals, ordinary hospitals and in military hospitals (where I happened to be the boss). I have also been running my own private practice for around 25 years. So I do have experience on how to run a medical business venture for profit as well on how to be not only the medical boss but also the chief administrator of a hospital.

I suppose that you in your question mean subsidization with tax money, since the money must come from somewhere. The university hospitals I worked in (state owned) were already completely paid for with tax money with regards to the day to day ...

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Subsidization of health care is considered. Even on-going subsidization are provided in other industries are analyzed.