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    Health Care as it Relates to Implicit and Explicit Rationing, Informed Consent, and Autonomy-Beneficence Conflicts

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    Could you please explain these health care concepts:

    What is rationing (explicit and implicit), and what are some of the ways in which it occurs?

    What is informed consent and whose responsibility is it?

    What is meant by the autonomy-beneficence conflict?

    Thank you.

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    Just like food is rationed at certain times, health care can also be rationed. This means that there are not enough items or services to serve everyone that could possibly need them, so we must appropriately limit and allocate the limited resources we have. A prime example of health care rationing is with insurance companies. For example, state funded programs like medicaid are unable to fund coverage to everyone in their states so they ration health care coverage to only those that meet certain income requirements. David Mechanic defines the difference between implicit and explicit rationing as:

    ...Explicit rationing refers to decisions made by ...

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    This solution explains what is meant by rationing, informed consent and the autonomy-beneficence conflict in the health care field.