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    Quality Management at the PDCA Model

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    You've been hired as the chief therapist at a cancer center at which you've never been employed. After a month on the job, you conclude that the staff blames each other for repeated mistakes frequently. The interpersonal dynamics of the group seem tense and uncomfortable. Briefly describe how you may begin to address this problem. Site one potential barrier to implementation of your plan.

    21. Chart at least 2 steps involved in the plan that you've described above in a PDCA model diagram.

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    The PDCA model stands for Plan-Do-Check-Act. It allows an organization to implement change, solve problems and continuously improves processes. It's a cyclical process to ensure ongoing assessment and improvement. The first thing that must be done in order to address this problem is to convince the staff that the repeated mistakes are not the mistake of one individual or department. The responsibility of any problems that arise should be on the ...

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    This solution defines the PDCA model and uses the model to demonstrate how it may be used for problem solving in an organization.