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Medicare Parameters

Outline the parameters of the potential costs and impacts of medicare defunding and future fund depletion for this entitlement program.

When the U.S. government is able to pass new legislation funding for a new medical paradigm, we will be able to make our nation a healthier one for everyone. If we could just spend less on our war and oil based economies, that government money could be used for national healthcare. If a new governmental shift could allow for this instead of worrying about social programs as being too socialist and not capitalistic enough, we as a nation would remember that it is Democracy that we need to remember and we stand for Democracy. Capitalism is just part of our freedoms in the United States. As freedoms are diminishing, so-called entitlements are reducing as well. The working poor will have to travel farther and less often to get low cost healthcare.

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Medicare is a troubled social service as is social security. These programs were developed when our country cared about all the citizens health. Healthcare had a friendlier face in those days, and these were not considered entitlement programs as much as a compassion program so that all aged people would receive some kind of income if they had worked, and would also have some form of healthcare.

If the United States continues to see healthcare as big business, and does not create a National Health Service, like they have in Britain, drug and insurance companies will completely remove the heart of medical care. Less care ...

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This solution deals with an opinion about the fears around healthcare reduction. Comparisons to NHS in Britain, Taxation, and the right for healthcare in the United States. Healthcare as big business, healthcare as a right paid for by all citizens through taxation. Governmental responsibility. Taxpayers fear of socialized programs, as they would effect the capitalist gains by a privatized program becoming public, and the relationship between the FDA, drug companies and the federal government.