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Insurance for healthcare professionals

Library research
On developing a summary for the Executive Management Team regarding insurance costs that a company purchases for its healthcare providers.

Research and information to help prepare a summary that includes the following information:

Types of insurance that the company purchases for the healthcare professionals and reason why the organization must have the type of insurance

Cost trends

Recommendations on how costs could be reduced

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There is a variety of liability that heathcare providers are subject to necessitating various forms of insurance. The hpso website allows a user to search for insurance requirements based on professions. For example an RN (in Rhode Island) would be provided with the following insurance:

The professional liability insurance coverage available through HPSO provides coverage 24 hours a day whether you're on the job, off-duty, and even if you change jobs. Whether you are employed, self-employed or a student, this comprehensive coverage includes the following valuable benefits:
Policy Features
Up to $1,000,000 each claim professional liability coverage
Up to $6,000,000 aggregate ...