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    Health Care Careers

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    What are some strategies for increasing the interest in health care careers?

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    Strategies for increasing interest in Health Care Careers.
    Their primary concern is that there is an increased demand for high-quality health care, while at the same time the health care profession is not considered the place to be for the ambitious professional.
    Employers consider that hospitals must be modernized to successfully educate and train people in an adequate way for the knowledge society. They emphasize that companies nowadays need knowledge workers and thus hospitals must provide pupils with personal and social skills, which require hospitals to introduce projects-work, learning by doing and multimedia.
    They make the following recommendations to governments:
    · health care professionals career must be made more attractive through more job differentiation, financial rewards for the best health care professionals, more training;
    · hospital managers need strong health care ...

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    The solution discusses some strategies for increasing the interest in health care careers.