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Benefits to computerization of health information

1. Describe how you would explain to a new health information management (HIM) employee the purpose and goals of managing health information.

2. Identify a registry with which you are familiar and describe the purpose and process of maintaining that registry. What are the benefits to the community?

3. Describe three major benefits to computerization of health information in terms of a health care organization providing services to a patient.


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The goals and purposes for managing a health information management system are for simplicity and confidentiality. While vague, if the information is personal patient data, HIPA policies would be adhered to. The privacy factor and laws of the US are critical. While most offices still maintain a hard copy, files are also recorded in an electronic database for others to see. If a patient is referred or chooses to go to another office, in order for the records to be released, a consent form must be completed, to send them to the next provider.

Since I don't even know the country with which this post is referenced, I will ...

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HIPA policies, benefits, procedures and convenience of technology for patient health information is discussed.