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A brief history of Aging Services in this country

Can anyone offer some direction on the History of Aging Services in the US?

In order to understand the development of programs and services for older people in the United States there are a variety of social, political and economic concepts to be explored. The Older American Act was passed on July 14, 1965. It paved the way for protections for older people in this country. Please go to the following web site to see the original intent of the law.


Please look at the AoA website...What do you think?

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The Older American's Act of 1965 was the first federal level act with the intention of providing comprehensive services for the elderly. The original intent of the law seemed to be to help older adults maintain maximum independence in their ...

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The following solution offers a brief history on the History of Aging Services in the U.S. It discusses the Older American's Act of 1965 as an act which helped to pave the way for these services to help protect the elderly.