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    Strategies for information systems in healthcare

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    Discuss the role of information systems in achieving excellence in healthcare service. In doing so, consider the advantages and disadvantages of advanced information systems for the types of healthcare organizations listed below and list two advantages and disadvantages for each of them.

    - Large urban community hospitals
    - Small rural hospitals
    - Free clinics based in poor urban communities

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    Large Urban Community Hospitals

    Commonly, data systems for results for patient registrations, their investigations, results, admission date and discharge date, to book appointments, and patient history are included. Also, information of rotas on staff duties, courses, meetings and seminars can be accessed. This system requires the use of a sophisticated server. Many diagnostic machines such as MRI, Ct-scans, X-rays, dialysis, etc are directly linked with patient files. This facilitates rapid dissemination of information. Many emergency medical ...

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    In 334 words, this solution discusses information systems in large urban community hospitals, small rural hospitals and free clinics for poor urban communities, as well as advantages and disadvantages of each.