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Disclosure of Information

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For each of the following, state whether you think the disclosure of information was appropriate. 1 paragraph each

1. A young woman, who states she has just been raped, comes into the emergency room requesting a pelvic examination and a morning-after pill, but she insists that the staff not call the police. The staff reports the incident.

2. A young woman brings her child into the emergency room for an arm injury. The family has brought the child in several times as of late for similar injuries with the excuse that the child is somewhat clumsy and is having difficulty learning to ride her bike. The child shows no fear of the parent, and upon questioning, she confirms the parent's version of the events. The staff reports the injury as a possible child abuse case.

3. You are a medical records technician and are in the department when two men come in and flash badges indicating that they are from the FBI and need to see the Hiram Jones record as a matter of national security. You cooperate and allow them access to the files.

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