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Decisions at the End of Life

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Write a position document on Decisions at the End of Life indicating what the healthcare profession's legal and moral stance should be and why.

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Decisions at the End of Life

If I have understood you correctly we are here discussing what professional, legal, ethical and moral decisions health care professionals have to make at the end of a patient's life. My whole discussion will be based on that assumption. So I do hope I have not misunderstood you!

When the end is certain and close the medical attitude changes and should change. No longer is the goal to save a life because that goal can no longer in this particular case be reached. The primary question is then: What can I do to ease the situation of my patient? If the patient has pain no effort should be spared to try to ease that pain. If the patient's death is sure and close in time there is no need for any hesitation with regards to for example narcotic drugs. If they can help the patient with this symptom they should be used in such a way that they spare the patient of this particular burden. Addiction is in this special ...

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