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Using Virtual Games To Train Healthcare Professionals

Nintendo Wii's are being used to train surgical medical students in the labs using digital techniques, also in LTC facilities to play virtual digital games on TV to improve their balance, muscle strength, flexibility and fun. They are also being used to increase mental capacity for seniors with the Brain Age game.

What are other future possibilities for healthcare using Wii and other gaming systems? Do you agree or disagree with the use of virtual games to train healthcare professionals? What are the hazards of this? The benefits?

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The future possibilities for healthcare using Wii and other gaming systems is tremendous. This is largely due to the fact that these games offer individuals an innovative method by which to increase their overall fitness, which will invariably lead to a tremendous increase in the overall health of these individuals.

Home care healthcare staff can received tremendous benefits from using these gaming systems in order to assist their patients in increasing their levels of activities. In many instances, it would not require that the individuals leave their home, which is beneficial to both the home healthcare staff, as well as the individual that is receiving treatment. It is possible for home care nursing staff to be able to help with the physical therapy of the patients by having them engage in the utilization of gaming systems, specifically the games that allow the patients to be able to engage in low to moderate physical activities (e.g. walking through a nature trail, etc.). The very act of walking has been proven to be a very good exercise that is low impact, and low intensity, which is helpful for individuals that are of advanced age, or who have injuries that prevent them from engaging in more strenuous ...