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    Evaluating research quality

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    What elements seem the most important to for evaluation of a research's quality? Why?

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    As you progress in your career, no matter if it is in a science field, or some other area, one of the most important factors to evaluate when reading any purported research is the quality of the question being asked. It often seems that journal after journal will arrive without any containing research of particular value except to increase the author(s) list of publications. Hence the concept of the least publishable unit; how much does one have to do to get published. In evaluating the quality of research, assessing the question being asked is of primary importance. Part of that assessment is determining the clarity with which the author(s) state the premise of the research. If, after reading what they proposed to accomplish with the project, one has no clear understanding of the question being ...

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    Evaluation research quality involves assessment of the question being asked, the methods employed, the raw data and its analysis, and whether the project leads to a clearly stated conclusion including negative or equivocal results.