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Cultural Diversity and Teamwork in Healthcare Ethics

In the past, paternalism among healthcare providers was an accepted way of practicing medicine. Patients sought care from physicians and accepted their opinions and treatment choices without question. However, in today's healthcare industry, there has been a shift away from paternalism as patients become active in their treatment choices and work as a team with their healthcare professionals. In the light of these facts, answer the following questions:

What do you feel has caused this shift and why?
Do you think this shift is for the better? How do you think this team approach to care can affect a patient's care choices?

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In the past the medical model was to believe the physician was the accepted keeper of all knowledge pertaining to diseases and treatment. At one time, the physician was the only person trained in the care and treatment of patients. Over time, other disciplines have begun more sophisticated in knowledge and the active care of the patient. Because this is a ...

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