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    climate, and sustainability

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    What is a recent event that involved businesses having an impact for better or worse on the health of the biosphere? How does population growth affect affluence and technological development? Are these concepts really independent?

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    Climate, Energy and the Economics of Sustainability

    Many people are unaware that manmade disasters occur virtually every day of their lives, but in a world full of tragedies and disasters one often does not here of them unless they are of epic proportions. On March 22, 2014, there was a spill of 4,000 barrels, 168,000 gallons, of bunker fuel (fuel oil) into the Houston, Texas ship channel. Investigators are still trying to pinpoint the cause of last weekend's accident involving a barge owned by Houston-based Kirby ...

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    This solution of 335 words provides a discussion of population, affluence and technology in relationship to sustainability.