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    Wal-Mart : Sustainability Product Index

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    Wal-mart's Sustainable Product Index
    Nov 27, 2012 at 10:56am
    Review this press release (Links to an external site.) and its linked documents.  Since the launch, the Index has spun off into a third party organization non-governmental organization known as the Sustainability Consortium (TSC).  After viewing this short introductory video (Links to an external site.), check out the TSC's website (Links to an external site.), and click on one or more of the sector work groups at the bottom of the page to learn more about what has been achieved since the initiative was first launched.
    After learning about TSC, check out these examples (Links to an external site.) of how Wal-Mart is presenting the life cycle assessment concept to their customers.  
    "Coopertition" is the made up word that describes competing brands (who all end up selling products to the same retail store customer) working together to pull all the data together that will drive their whole industry to improved environmental performance. 
    Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world.  In many ways, their specifications determine what is available to consume in America.  Every major retailer and manufacturer is watching this process carefully. 

    What are your thoughts 1) as a consumer and 2) as a person who will likely enter a role at a company that has to be prepared to answer this questionnaire (and follow up supplier demands) or others like it?  

    ***I have also listed the link here (in order) just in case the ones about are inoperable. ***

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    My thoughts as a consumer are that more efficient products, long lasting products, and better performing products are an excellent idea. I also want information about the entire lifecycle of products so that I can feel good about buying it. Wal-Mart is right. I want to know that the materials in the product are safe; the product is well made, and has been produced in a responsible manner. My misgivings are that these products may become more expensive. Wal-Mart is responsible for holding the prices down. I hope it continues to do ...

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