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Antimicrobial Organisms - Drug Resistant

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Write a 750-word paper about a drug resistant organism:
- Provide the name of the organism, and explain whether it is site-specific (e.g. swine flu is only in the lungs, where MRSA can be in a wound or in the lungs.)
- Explain why this organism is dangerous,
- Describe the precautions that need to be taken with a hospital patient who has it
- Describe the potential complications
- Review all potential treatment options

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Antimicrobial organisms are the result of overuse of antibiotic treatments. This frequent use has allowed organisms to adapt to treatment methods and become resistant. This in turn has created new strains of organisms more difficult to stop. In some cases, no treatment methods or very limited treatment is available. This results in poor patient prognosis.

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Dear Student,
Thank you for the opportunity to assist in your academic pursuits. To address your assignment requirements, I have included specific examples for each section of your paper. I have also included reference links to help you further understand each of the section requirements. The assistance provided is intended to help you with the required paper but not provide a prewritten paper, as the use would be plagiarism. Please check your word count and expand as needed should you use the information as the basis of the paper. Also, remember to include a conclusion and/or abstract as required by your instructor.

In this section present the basic information for the drug resistant organism. In the last 70 years, the constant use of antibiotics has created an environment allowing the same infectious organisms they were designed to destroy to adapt and become drug resistant (CDC, 2013). In some cases this results in the antibiotics being less effective in treatment and in other instances there are no longer drugs available to destroy the organisms (2013). An example of this drug resistance is seen in tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a disease associated with lung tissue but the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis can be found attacking any part of the body (i.e. kidney, spine, brain) (CDC, 2014). Left untreated this is a fatal condition. The increased incidence of treatment resistance is rising at an alarming rate.

Tuberculosis is spread from an infected person to another ...

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