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    Microbes - Antibiotics

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    I need help getting started on this paper. I need some ideas and how to best approach this assignment.

    Read the online documents for "Microbes: What Does Not Kill Them Makes Them Stronger" (currently posted on this URL: http://whyfiles.org/038badbugs/index.html).

    Write an essay titled "When the Antibiotics Quit Working." Your essay should be approximately 500 words in length and submitted as a Word doc.

    Demonstrates understanding of key concepts: Communicates ideas and opinions explicitly and clearly, bringing questions and observations in a respectful manner.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

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    Interesting topic! One approach to help students with an assignment like this one is to provide a tentative outline and information to consider for each section. This is the approach this response takes. It should be fairly easy to take it to the next step and write your final copy. See response below, which is also attached as a Word document.

    The place to start an assignment like this one is to go to the suggested website and read the material provided. It is interesting and very information. Then make a tentative outline and go over the information looking for specific information for each section.


    The title of your paper will be "When the Antibiotics Quit Working."

    The tentative outline might be something to the effect:
    I. Introduction (e.g., introduce topic; purpose statement or thesis)
    II. What causes antibiotics to stop working?
    III. What can we do?
    a. Recommendations
    b. Any questions?
    V. Conclusion (sum up main points, any questions that still need further research?)

    An antibiotic was once considered the universal answer to infectious disease, but is now known to be limited. Widespread use is likely to foster the evolution of resistant strains. For example, different strains of tuberculosis are resistant to as many as nine antibiotics. Likewise, there is an increase in resistance to antimicrobial drugs, including the emergence of bacterial strains that are resistant to all available antibacterial agents, has created a public health problem of potentially crisis proportions (http://whyfiles.org/038badbugs/index.html). There are multiple resistances, so there are also multiple causes. The purpose of ...

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    Drawing on the suggested article, this solution provides suggestions and organizational assistance in writing an essay titled "When the Antibiotics Quit Working."