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What is the role of the Public Health Inspector in Urban Sprawl??

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Hi there,
I am reading an article on Public Health Insepectors/Environmental Health Officers and their role in urban planning and development. How they need to be active when City planners are planning developments. I am wondering if an OTA can give me their perspective on what they think the role of an Public Health Insepectors/Environmental Health Officers should be in urban planning and development.

This is an interesting and hot topic where I am from. So fresh perspectives are always great. Plus, with the way the instructor is going with the class. I can totally see this being a long answer type question on my midterm or final.

I appreciate all of your help

I have an included a small article... it is not needed to be read but it does illustrate what urban sprawl means.

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Urban sprawl as you would know is a term given to rapid extension of metropolitian areas. City Planners have to make their designs according to the demands. Although their intentions might be right but sometimes they tend to ignore factors that affect Public Health and Environment Deterioration. For Example: They would plan up huge ...

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