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    justification of environmental laws and regulations

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    Your comments to the editor of your favorite magazine intrigued her enough to call you and request that you write an editorial, for which, you note with a little surprise, you will be well-paid. She provides you with two topics which she feels would be of great interest to readers. Select one of the following issues and write an article explaining your position and rationale in a convincing style.

    It has been argued that many environmental laws and regulations are too costly and can not be justified by their benefits. Do you agree or disagree? Explain using specific examples where possible.

    It has been argued that urban sprawl is the root of many environmental problems. Do you agree or disagree? Explain.

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    You will need to choose one of these two topics. I will provide you with some ideas, and then you should pick the one that you feel the most strongly about. Remember to take a clear position, but it can be either one. For example, you could argue that urban sprawl isn't the most pressing problem we face. Perhaps urban areas can include wildlife sanctuaries to make them less of an issue, and we should worry about alternative energy instead.

    Here is a sample outline that you could use if you select the topic "urban sprawl is the root of environmental problems":
    1. Introduction eg "Urban sprawl is a complex issue with varied causes, but the damage it causes is indisputable."
    2. Pollution and congestion - global warming due to auto emissions etc.
    3. Loss of habitat - mention animals endangered, extinct ...