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Deductive and Inductive Arguments

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Suppose that you are working as a nurse in an emergency room. A patient, Edward (age 64), enters the emergency room. The patient says to that "All nurses like to draw blood from patients. You are a nurse. Therefore, I know that you are going to want to draw blood from me, even if it isn't necessary".

There are two parts to this

(A) Explain whether the patient is using deductive reasoning or inductive reasoning to make his argument. Justify your selection.

B) Respond to Edward's argument using inductive reasoning. Justify why you would be making an inductive argument rather than a deductive argument.


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Deductive and inductive arguments are examined.

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The patient who claims all nurses like to draw blood from patients is using deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning is based on the belief that the initial premise is true. If the initial premise is true the conclusion must also be true. There is no other explanation. So, if all nurses like to draw blood from ...

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