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    Cardiac Arrhythmia - Sinus Bradycardia

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    Explain the Cardiac Arrhythmia referred to as Sinus bradycardia. What is it and what are the symptoms? Include the causes if known.

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    Sinus Bradycardia (brady - slow)

    Sinus bradycardia occurs when the hearts rate is slower than 60 beats per minute. The sinus bradycardia rhythm is similar to normal sinus rhythm, except that the RR interval is longer. Each P wave is followed by a QRS complex in a ratio of 1:1. The PR interval is often slightly prolonged and occasionally, the P-waves might be abnormally wide.

    The EKG on the top (see attached diagram) shows normal sinus rhythm. The EKG at the bottom shows sinus bradycardia (see attached diagram).

    The symptoms of sinus ...

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    Explains the Cardiac Arrhythmia referred to as Sinus Bradycardia, including what it is and the symptoms and possible causes, if known. Diagram of an EKG reading compares normal sinus with bradycardia sinus.