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    Problems with Potassium

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    Mr. Miller is hospitalized for cardiac problems. Somehow, medical orders are mixed up and Mr. Miller is infused with a K+ - enhanced intravenous solution meant for another patient who is taking potassium-wasting diuretics (i.e, drugs that cause excessive loss of potassium from the body in urine). Mr. Miller's potassium levels are normal before the IV is administered. What do you think will happen to Mr. Miller's resting membrane potentials? To his neurons' ability to generate APs?

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    A potassium enhanced intravenous solution would increase the concentration of potassium ions in the blood. By increasing the amount of potassium in the blood, you will affect the pumps by decreasing the amount sodium ...

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    The solution describes the effects of an increase of potassium on a patient with cardiac problems.