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    Writing successful research papers - Strategies

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    Please assist with writing ideas for a short essay that addresses some or all of the following: What is your major? What "discipline" does that major most easily fall into? Given what you know about your major so far, what types of methodologies are used? What kinds of evidence are considered permissible? What type of documentation format is most often used in that discipline? What kinds of questions does the discipline ask itself? What are some of the writing assignments in the discipline?

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    The major is business management. This course informs students of various aspects of business which may include marketing, accounting, finance, (depending on the university, it may also include, statistics and customer sustainability). I am basing this on my personal experience with the
    bachelors program.


    The method consists of obtaining a syllabus from the facilitator with a list of objectives and explanation on how to best approach each class. The syllabus is divided into four sections

    1. Individual assignments-if you are attending a university via an Internet-based campus, you would be required to complete tasks by a weekly deadline. You must read a plethora of e-books and conduct research in the online student library. In addition to the activities aforementioned, most universities will require students to ensure participation by contributing to structured discussion board posts that are substantive in content, and respond to fellow online colleagues.

    If you are attending a campus in-person you will engage in a traditional learning experience in which you will receive lectures and two-way forms of communication between the student and the facilitator. This environment enables you to develop and become acquainted with a team for team projects that will continue throughout the duration of the program (depending on the university)

    2. Team assignments - Are a collaborative effort between team members in which you will divide the work load into manageable parts. For example, one team member may ...

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