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    Unnoticed Displays of Intellect

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    Consider the quote: "It is this display of intellect that sets these kids apart from their peers." What other activities might include a "display of intellect" that might go unnoticed by an observer? Use examples for unnoticed "display[s] of intellect" through observation or, for example, something such as diseases which goes unnoticed by observation, based off of your knowledge and personal experience.

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    You have posed the question of what sort of activities might go unnoticed by an observer and have provided two examples, that of intellect and that of disease. Here are some other examples:

    - Quiet students in general can go unnoticed, but may spend much more time carefully considering the information they take in.
    - A toddler may be displaying intellect when he spends a lot of time on one ...

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    This solution looks at activities that may go unnoticed by an observer, such as displays of intellect and disease, using many specific examples to help the reader gain a clearer picture of how this may occur.